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IMAGECage space: When you outgrow a cabinet, consider a cage. We offer high-grade woven mesh wire cages with full open racks mounted inside. Wire mesh partitions are perfect because they can fit nearly any configuration from a continuous long wall to doors between blade server racks to secure access. They don't inhibit ventilation or heat discharge. Enclosed hardware makes it difficult to break into secured area. Maintenance crews who need access to the room have it but not to the servers. Servers that are behind security partitions and are safer no matter who enters the room by using lockable, wire security cages.

In open layout applications, security partitions allow you to maintain visibility and still lock your servers behind extremely strong wire fencing. Available in 8'x5', 10'x7', or 10'x8', or cages can be combined to create a larger space, subject to availability. See pricing

IMAGEComputer Enclosues: Keep your network organized with a server cabinet. Constructed of heavy duty steel for the ultimate server rack strength and stability. Vertical Mounting Rails offer a square hole universal mount (EIA-310) for any brand server. Front to Rear Airflow is achieved with our unique Glass/Perforated Front Door, and Fully Perforated Rear Door with additional venting on Top. Available in full height and partial rack increments. All enclosures racks are 19 inches wide and up to 6' tall. See Pricing.

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