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Save Time, Money and Sanity


Q: How does virtualization save me money?
A: By converting a physical server/computer located
    at your location to a hosted virtual server.

Q: Can I do this without spending any money for hardware?
A: Yes.

Q: Will I spend less money than if I do it with a conventional
    computer solution?
A: Definitely.

Q: Can you manage the server for me?
A: Yes.

You can virtualize Windows, Linux or any other operating system. Virtual Dedicated Server (also know as Virtual Private Server, or Virtual Server), can offer you the most cost effective way to upgrade, extend or simplify your computing environment. A Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) means exactly that. You have a server online that you can use from anywhere you have an internet connection. Virtual servers are completely INDEPENDENT, TRANSPARENT, SECURE, and PRIVATE.

Even our base package Virtual Dedicated Server offers the most freedom of choice along with full Root or Administrator access.

Virtual server are the perfect solution for desktops as a service (DaaS) solutions. Why buy or replace another server for your office? Lease a virtual server and save money and get control of your IT expenses.
For $49.99/mo you get the following:

*(1) Virtual Dedicated Server
* Windows 2003 Server, Linux or Unix [FreeBSD] -or any other °OS
* Monthly bandwidth 200 GB
* 30GB of storage
* Your own IP address -
* Tier 1 backbone provider connected bandwidth.
* Full Root or Administrator control (no clunky control panels)

Additional bandwidth is available at $75/mo per 250GB

Additional hard disk space $2.00 per 10GB per month (Min 50 GB)

Additional 512MB RAM is $25 per month.

1 additional IP address is $8 per month.

Subnets for a virtual servers are allocated in 26 - 29 bit cidr blocks. See the Subnet Price Sheet for more IP space.

Operating system can be any OS of your choosing. Note: you may need to provide your own licensed copy for any OS not listed above.

Minimum $50.00 Setup per server.

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